March 13, 2023

Romeo and Juliet - A Two Voice Poem


    Romeo                                                                                                                         Juliet

I am a Montague 

I am a Capulet

One glance is all it took 

She was just so mesmerizing I had to marry her 

I have been exiled 

I need Juliet 

I take the poison 

              We are foes 

              We are lovers 


                  It felt right 

   Where did it all go wrong?

         We shall meet again 

 And we will be together again

Like love at first sight

He is the only one I would ever marry 

I have been set to marry someone else 

I need Romeo 

I take the dagger 

By Patricia Marie PĂ©rez

Romeo Vs Paris- A Two Voice Poem

I am Romeo 

I am Paris

Heart as pure as an angel                 

Lips pink as a fresh strawberry

How I love her

Listening to her talk on and on

She is reserved, my proper lady

Her way of existing

I will adore her for better or worse

I aspire to see how beautiful she will look next to me

Her and I

I will wait for my one true love,

Or I shall die without her

Being able to say she is mine,

Impatience drowns me

I will have her

Our prohibited love

Our ideal love

Our fate

Years of family feuds

Negated by whom I want to love

We will beat the odds

I can discern her soul

I can discern our future

I desire Juliet

A letter that never came

A wedding that never went through

“It was the perfect plan”

Written by Mar Bournigal

10th Grader

March 01, 2023

Monarchy is Opressive

Would you imagine yourself as royalty? Not the sweet and fun adventure of cartoons. Royalty is not as exciting as you think. It is not a thing you should be happy to be in. It's as if your soul lived in a box until it decides to fade away to heaven. To be honest, I would like attention, but the public takes it to the extreme.

Royalty can be cruel to the monarchs. They have to follow a strict set of rules such as strict dress code, must accept all gifts graciously, having no politics allowed, and more ridiculously absurd rules that have to be followed. Monarchs also have arranged marriages and other events planned. Monarchy has been going on for many years, so some rules are outdated. Besides, they have no excuse for changing them into more modern ones. 

Due to the Paparazzi causing Princess Diana's car crash, she died. That's an example of the public testing the limits, the world lost a princess and so much more to everyone. There can be more cases in the future that reflect the chaos due to over-excitement. Many things can happen if people are not careful. We have to be aware of the harm it can do to royals if their privacy is not respected.

Arranged marriages are an example of oppression. Marriage is supposed to be a lifetime commitment but if you are not happy and uncomfortable you will make a scandal and it can cause a divorce. Some actually like their partners but others don’t, so they decide to have affairs or other scandals to get out of it and some don’t do it at all. If freedom is a right, are they not following their rights? This question could have a lot of answers but I think it is not freedom at all.

In conclusion, royalty has ups and downs. But monarchy is unfair to the monarchs and to the people. Monarchy can be disguised by industries to make money as fun and full of adventure. But monarchs have no fault whatsoever for being born in a monarchy. Depending on the person, the monarchy could be good or bad. In my opinion, monarchy is horrible and it’s just holding people back from success.

Samantha Aquino 

6th Grader

February 23, 2023

Pikachu is overrated!

Have you ever wondered who the most overrated pokemon is? Pikachu is the most overrated pokemon, let me show you why. First Pikachu is overrated because the main character, Ash, has one and he is a main character. Also, Pikachu is very good in the anime by beating legendary Pokemon, but in the game, he gets instantly killed by them. Lastly, Pikachu in the anime has plot armor and little kids think that applies to every Pikachu.

Pikachu is overrated because in the anime he is the main character and the main character has one. Also, Pikachu is the mascot of the entire pokemon franchise. Another thing is that Pikachu always goes with Ash. Lastly, Pikachu is Ash’s favorite pokemon. For example, he always goes to Pikachu even if his other pokemon are hurt.

Another reason why Pikachu is overrated is that he is very good in the anime but in the real game he is TRASH. He defeated a Latios (A legendary pokemon) in the movie. Also, he defeated a Raichu (it’s evolution) in the show. However, in the game he can’t defeat any of them. Pikachu isn’t really that strong, he just has plot armor.

Plot armor refers to the situation in fiction where the main character is allowed to survive dangerous situations because they are needed for the plot to continue. Pikachu in the anime had plot armor and little kids think that this applies to every Pikachu. In the anime, Pikachu could withstand the attacks of Tapu Koko (a mythical Pokemon). However, without plot armor, Pikachu dies in every way possible. Electric types, including Pikachu, are only strong against Flying and Water type pokemon and have a 2x weakness to ground-type pokemon, making it a bad addition to your team.

In conclusion, Pikachu is massively overrated. As I said, Pikachu has many ways to prove that he is overrated. First, he is the main character and appears in every episode. In addition, he’s good in the anime but in the game he is trash. Moreover, in the anime, he has plot armor and kids think that applies to every Pikachu. Therefore, these are 3 ways to prove that Pikachu is overrated.

By Ethan NG
6th grader

January 12, 2023

Vignette Exploration

A writer's responsibility is to captivate readers with words. Vignettes, or poetical snapshots of life, are literary devices that engage us in a narrative. Vignettes take a brief break from the action to focus in on a certain person, idea, or location. Vignettes are used by authors to illuminate details that are hidden from view in the main action of a novel. The word 'vignette' is a french word that means "little vine," and just like vines do, vignettes tangle the reader into visualizing a character, a place or a moment within the story.

Our 9th graders studied this literary device and used nature as an inspiration to write their own. We hope you enjoy them.

December 07, 2022

Gift Ideas for significant others

It is that time of the year when pure joy can be felt through the air. Christmas trees are decorated and you finally have an excuse to watch that Christmas movie or listen to your favorite Christmas songs.

This time of year is also well known as the excuse to be spoiled rotten by your family members with love and gifts. I know that not all families celebrate this time of the year the same way, but almost everyone enjoys it with the same joy almost all families do. If you're like me, you’ve finally gotten to the age where you earn money and know the secrets behind this memorable holiday. 

And knowing these secrets includes a terrible fate. Gift giving. Most of us are used to receiving gifts for Christmas. That new Xbox, those new sneakers, etc. But now we don’t receive those splendid gifts. We get simple things like socks or books which I’m happy with on my part. But aside from that, we have to give gifts to our parents, siblings and any other family member or friend. You would think this is not such a horrible thing, and truly it’s not because you get to see the beautiful smile of those people when they get their gifts. The only issue is how we get that smile.

It sounds simple on paper. Get them this big extraordinary gift and you are off on the joy and smiles road. But there is only one problem with that. We are kids. How do we even get that money to buy these fabulous gifts? Because frankly on my part I’m pretty much broke. But over the years I’ve managed to get my loved ones the gifts they deserve even with my little amount of money. And I’m here to show you how to find that perfect gift.

To find this perfect gift you have to follow these steps to the letter:

  1. What is that person like: In my judgment, you must really care about this person if you are willing to read this article and take your time on getting them a nice present for Christmas. So what are they like? When you answer this question think of the following things:

  1. Do they like big or small things?

  2. Are they more of a materialistic person?

  3. Do they enjoy quality time?

  4. What are their hobbies?

  5. Do they like minimalism?

  6. Is there something they’ve talked about wanting for a long time?

  1. What is your budget?: You are probably not going to only give one person a gift this year, so you will have to distribute the money among all your significant others.

    1. Example:

      1. Mom = 500 pesos

      2. Boyfriend = 350 pesos

      3. Dad = 500

      4. Brother = 400

  1. How are you going to proceed?: What is your plan of action? You know all about that person and you know how much money you have to spare. The next step is to use this information. People tend to love to get handmade gifts. They love the idea that you loved them enough to put work into a gift for them. So you could make the box you are going to wrap their present in or a little message for them to read before getting their gift. Here are some ideas I found off TikTok and Pinterest for these gifts.

    1. Strawberry wrapper for jewelry

    2. Paper  Flower bouquet

    3. A candy sleigh

    4. Heart Puzzle

    5. Cute Origami Gift Bag

  1. Their gift: By this point, you should have surely gotten your significant other their Christmas gift and if you haven’t there is a bonus list of material basic gift ideas for them. But if you are like me this year you would have gone for a more sentimental gift. These are some ideas of how to tell them how much you care for your loved ones (And yes these are all handmade):

  1. Cards for the year

  2. Cute note jar. Things you can add:

    1. Reasons why I love you

    2. Moments to remind them of you

    3. Pictures

    4. Their favorite song lyrics

  3. Reasons why I love you flipbook

  4. A meaningful picture together framed

  5. Spongebob secret box gift

  6. A quality time coupon book (Just write different activities you should do together and make them coupons)


  • Jewelry (Necklace, rings, bracelets, etc.)

  • Candies (Just get them all their favorite candies)

  • A lego of their favorite tv show

  • Stuffed animals

  • A portable charger

  • A tote bag 

  • A moon lamp

  • Hair accessories

  • A pillow blanket, socks convo

  • A book they have been looking forward to

  • An Amazon gift card

  • A scratch poster

  • A fill-in journal

  • Fidget toys and a cool board game

What would you get for your significant other? Share it in the comments below! We read you!

Maria Alejandra Ramirez
8th Grade

November 17, 2022

Ten Facts About Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a celebration to thank and honor all who died and who have fought for America. A Veteran by definition is an ex-member of the armed forces. This year, Veterans Day was celebrated on November 11, but have you ever thought about why is it celebrated? 

Veterans Day is celebrated to honor American veterans for their patriotism, love of their country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice themselves for America.

10 facts about Veterans Day

1. Veterans Day did not always have that name. Before it was called Armistice Day.

2. Americans were not the only people to celebrate on November 11. Other Countries like the U.K., Canada, Australia, and France celebrated it as 'Remembrance Day'  or 'Armistice Day.'

3. Germany also celebrates Veterans day two Sundays before the Sunday of Advent.

4. The red poppy is a symbol, serves a purpose, and inspired many poems.  Poppys are a symbol of sacrifice worn by Americans since World War I to honor those who served and died for our country in all wars. It reminds Americans of the sacrifices made by our veterans while protecting our freedoms.

5. There is a reason the holiday 'Veterans Day' doesn’t have an Apostrophe. It is to dismiss the idea of possession and to show Veterans Day isn’t owned.

6. In the world there are more veteran women than you may think. Veteran women make up 10% of the veteran population and are celebrated on June 12 in the United States.

7. The holiday commemoration has changed to an observed date. It had been changed from November 11 to the first Monday of October.

8. To commemorate Veterans Day, there is a monument of silence during the act at 3:11 pm officially presided over by the  President of USA states.

9. The last living veteran of WWI died in 2012. She was a British woman that had served on the WRAF called Florence Green,

10. WW1 didn’t finish on 11/11/18. it ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on France on June 28,1919. However, Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 as a commemoration of the beginning of the end of WW1.

Now you know some facts about Veterans Day. I think that besides celebrating and building monuments to honor those who fought in wars, people should study more history. Learning about the lives of all those veterans and what they did years ago will keep their memory alive. The memory of all those heroes whose bravery should be remembered.

Carlos Graveley Carlo
7th Grader